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The Challenge

David’s a therapist competing against 6,800+ other local therapists, as well as companies like BetterHelp who have a monthly spend of over $650k on Google Ads.

David had been using Google Ads for a while and had hired (and fired) several freelancers and agencies who all failed to help David reach his goals.

What’s interesting though, is that none of the freelancers or agencies David hired had an issue with bringing David leads. In fact, they brought him a lot of leads.

Yet, there was a big challenge David hadn’t been able to overcome.

David doesn’t accept insurance, charges over $300/hour, and expects someone to need 10-15 hour long sessions with him.

David’s problem wasn’t around generating leads, but generating the right kind of leads. David was getting a lot of unqualified calls, which were wasting his time and costing him money.

How We Did It

We immediately got to working by improving a couple of key aspects of their ad account.

Reduce Unqualified Calls

The first thing we did was to create landing pages to point the traffic to. The goal of which was to reduce the amount of unqualified calls taking up precious time.

To do this, we added a disclaimer within a sticky nav bar to make sure everyone saw that David didn’t take insurance.

Increase Differenciation

We also noticed that no competitors were explaining their process for helping their clients, so we built a section to highlight David’s process and stand out against the crowd.

Ad Targeting

David’s calendar quickly filled up and he wasn’t able to handle any more new clients, but they kept calling. A good problem to have.

We then shifted the strategy to focus on a smaller number of higher value clients. If David wanted to, he could probably double his rates and still have a full calendar. 

Over time, we honed in on what keywords performed best, and which ones didn’t, continuously tested ad copy, and adjusted the ad schedule based on performance.

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