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The Challenge

Horizon Movers & Storage came to us as an existing Google Ads advertiser who was looking to improve the results of their Google Ads campaigns and drive more leads to their business.

How We Did It

We immediately got to working by improving a couple of key aspects of their ad account.

Landing Pages

We create landing pages in order to have full control over what a user sees based on the intent and location of their search and are better able to match the user’s intent compared to a general website page.

Account Structure

The way the account was structured was that a single ad group targeted searches for multiple services. Meaning, a user could search for service A and see an ad promoting service B.

We restructured the campaigns and ad groups to better control spend across different offerings.

Bad Recommendations

Over the history of the ad account, more & more keywords were added into the account based on Google’s automated recommendations.

Unfortunately, not all of these keywords, or match types, were driving high-quality clicks. While rebuilding the search campaigns, we audited the keywords and removed any low-quality keywords from the new campaigns.

Within 30-days, we were able to see large improvements to the performance of the ad account due to the changes we made.

Alisson Kessler
Ramy Hakim Founder @ MI Tax CPA

Honestly this is exactly what I needed. Both expert and consultant... This is why I wanted someone trustworthy. Someone who would look out for my best interest.