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Positive Steps Fertility Lower CPA By 42%

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The Challenge

Enter Positive Steps Fertility, a fertility clinic based in Mississippi.

The clinic wanted to spend $25,000/m on ads, the agency they hired set their campaigns up to spend that much, but Google was spending less than $10,000m.

This meant the clinic wasn’t driving as many new patients as they needed in order to keep their staff busy. The ROI of their ads was great, but the volume wasn’t.

After months of their previous agency being unable to help them solve their volume problem, they brought us onboard.

How We Did It

After reviewing the account, we made several major changes over the course of a few months.

Ended Conversion-Bidding

This may sound odd, but it’s exactly what the clinic needed as a first step to increase their volume fast, and to “reset” Google’s machine learning; which was the crux of their problem.

As expected, spend rose by over 400%, which drove over 80% more conversions. The cost per conversion also increased by 185%, but was still within an acceptable range.

Account Restructure

The clinic offers a varierty of different procedured at different levels of someone’s fertility journey.

We restructured the campaigns and ad groups to better control spend across different offerings.

Conversion Tracking

There were several conversion tracking issues, including no tracking several key actions and over reporting on other actions.

Cleaning this up allowed conversion-based bidding to become a viable option.

When we felt as though Google’s machine learning had “unlearned” what the account was doing before, and we were happy with how conversion tracking was set up we moved back to a conversion-based bidding strategy.

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